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How to Research Online

Where should I research online?

Academic databases

The academic databases are where you should begin your research journey. As a member of Griffith College Library you may access full-text scholarly and peer reviewed articles, market research, case law and more through our range of database collections. If you need any advice on the best academic databases for your assignment or research topic please contact us.

Open access online databases

In addition to these important, core databases, there are many other freely available online resources that will further support your academic work. Sometimes it can be a challenge to be confident which of these can be relied on to support an academic assignment. Check out our recommendations for open access resources in our Online Resources section.


The Library provides access to a range of eBooks to support remote learners, these may be accessed through the library catalogue. To limit your search results to show eBooks only, use the Advanced Search option and tick the Electronic Resources box.

Law eBooks: Please note that you cannot access the Bloomsbury Legal Texts – Legal Studies eBooks through the library catalogue. You will find the link to this collection on eBooks page. All other legal eBook texts can be found through the library catalogue.

Get the best research results


We have access to many tutorials to develop your skills for researching online. You can find some of these in the Research Skills section. We also have a number of guides on our Library Moodle pages which we have received positive feedback on from many of our learners.


The Library is involved in inductions in the first semester, so do attend those if you can. We are also often invited into classroom workshops by lecturers supporting dissertation and project classes. In addition to these, we can run small, pre-booked group workshop sessions which we have found to very helpful in enabling fellow classmates to better work together and support each other. These may be arranged as a remote service over Zoom.

Individual Support

We provide face to face support at the library issues desks, and are available to arrange one to one meetings also. These may be conducted in-person or through Zoom.

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