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We are proud of the research work undertaken by staff and students of Griffith College. Griffith Open provides a valuable platform to highlight the extensive and diverse range of research endeavors within our institution.

Through providing a central archive and record of research, we aim to make content as accessible as possible. Institutional repositories ensure a wide dissemination of the work produced, maximise impact and contribute to the growing body of research literature that is now freely available online. 

Griffith Open is committed to the principles of the growing Open Access movement. Open access to research enhances the visibility and the impact of the work, the author and the College. 

What can having your research activity hosted on Griffith Open offer you?

  • Increased dissemination and impact of your work
  • Enhanced professional visibility due to broader dissemination and potential for increased use of publications
  • A  central archive of your work
  • Security and long term accessibility of material

Research published in peer reviewed journals may still be deposited on the repository, with many publishers having policies that are in line with Open Access guidelines. Librarians can support understanding of copyright issues and assist in liaising with publishers for clarity. Professional research activities such as conference papers, presentations and teaching materials may also be included.

Content may include: 
  • Dissertations achieving over 60%
  • Theses Preprints – a working paper or the version of a paper submitted for peer review 
  • Postprints – a final peer reviewed version, which has been accepted for publishing 
  • Book chapter 
  • Conference paper 
  • Working papers 
  • Technical reports 
  • Teaching resources 
  • Conference Presentations 
  • Photographic work 
  • Bibliographic citations and abstracts

Who can deposit?


Learner’s dissertations that have been awarded 60% and over are automatically considered for inclusion. If there are confidentiality considerations these must be discussed with your supervisor and faculty who will liaise with Griffith Library. Consult your faculty guidelines which will outline the process.


Faculty, support and administrative staff are eligible to deposit. We advise all academic faculty and researchers to submit their research findings to the repository. By doing so, you guarantee maximum visibility for your research, as Griffith Open is indexed by search engines such as Google Scholar as well as Google and other search engines.

A deposit support service is available to academic staff and researchers, supported by the Library repository team.

What is an Institutional Repository, and what can it do for me?

This video gives an overview of how institutional repositories build the research profile of both an individual researcher and that of their institutions, and highlights the support that can be gained from college librarians. Benefits from inclusion in the repository include increased reach, citations and greater impact of work.

Institutional Repositories Supporting Your Research Journey
Byrne, A. et al. (2022) ‘Institutional Repositories: The Heca Experience’. HECA Research Conference. Available at:

Contact the Library for Support

There is support available to guide you right through the deposit process, clarify what material can be deposited, and assist with any queries about copyright issues.
In most cases you may deposit your work in your institutional repository even if it is published in a journal behind a strict paywall. There will often be restrictions on the form this will take or an embargo. We invite you to contact us to see how we can help you to deposit your research publications and activities on Griffith Open, and to discuss how we can help you to further develop your online research profile beyond.
[email protected]

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