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Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool that collects, manages, and cites research sources. It’s simple to use, and lives in your web browser where you do so much of your work and research. It allows you to attach PDFs, notes and images to your citations and organise them into collections for different projects.

You can quickly create a bibliography in multiple referencing formats such as Griffith College Harvard referencing style, or Oscola, and manage in-text citations in Microsoft Word. You have access to the full version of Word through your free Griffith College Office 365 account.

Zotero Tour: 

This is a demo of the previous version of Zotero, there are very few differences between this and the new version (5.0), and it is still a useful guide giving an overview of the benefits of Zotero.

Video Guides

  • Getting started – Zotero 5.0 – Referencing Software Zotero is a referencing software that can help you keep a track of your research, and also assist in in-text citations. This short video which will guide you though installing Zotero and linking it to Griffith College’s Harvard referencing style.
  • Steps:
    Setting up a Zotero account
    Installing Zotero
    Syncing to your Zotero account
    Install Griffith Harvard referencing style
  • Importing records into your Zotero library – Keep track of your research.   This demo shows you how you can import article/books and other useful records into your Zotero library, so you can then easily find and refer to them at a later stage. It also briefly discusses how you can edit your records if you are considering using the Zotero Word Plug-in to help you with your academic referencing.
  • Using Zotero for Referencing / In-text citations and Creating a Bibliography  Link to your Zotero files while writing your assignment for in-text citations, extract full bibliographic references fro your bibliography.
  • Using Zotero with the Oscola legal referencing system: Create records for your case law, textbooks and online reports and link to them as you are writing up your assignments in the Oscola style.

Written Guides

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