Reading Lists

Keeping reading lists current

We encourage all lecturing staff to liaise closely with the library to ensure that we have the necessary texts for the modules you are teaching. To request the acquisition of texts submit reading list(s) by email.

We actively encourage that lecturers recommend eBook versions of texts. We are happy to recommend alternative, electronic versions of texts, and will meet with you to discuss how best to source these.

Remember that you can suggest non-reading list titles also, we value the contribution lecturers make to ensure that our collections are relevant and up to date.

Useful information to forward can include:

  • Name of course
  • Whether the text is new, an updated edition, or requiring more copies
  • Estimate of the number of students using the text
  • If a text is on the primary or  secondary reading list

Please note, unless the Library is informed in advance, we cannot guarantee items on your reading lists will be available to students. It is the responsibility of lecturers to ensure that material for their students is available before referencing it during teaching.  If at any stage you become aware of difficulties in students accessing a particular item we ask that you let us know as soon as possible to allow us to respond to any potential shortfall in a timely manner.

Lecturer’s inspection copy services

Many publishers make inspection copies of their textbooks available to lecturers, allowing an inspection copy to be retained by the lecturer if it is adopted for a course.

Please note that lecturers must contact the publisher themselves to request an inspection copy, but we are happy to guide you through the initial process.

Contact the library for advice on how to request inspection copies for a variety of publishers. 

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